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Eddie Solomon, Akoestisch, Rock, Singer-songwriter soloartist

Eddie Solomon (his real name Edward Looringh van Beeck) coming from Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, has a very unique sound which is hard to place in a category. He has a unique way of combining violin/guitar and voice. His voice has a low deep character like Lou Reed or Jim Morrison. In fact a lot of inspiration he got from listening to The Doors putting in the elements of symbolic lyric writing and free improvisations. His voice can also reach a high frequency like Jeff Buckley, whom is also of great influence to his music. Especially the sometimes unusual chord progressions and the often melancholic lyrics and way of singing reminds a lot of the now deceased singer. He has a downright rhythmic style of playing his guitar, which serves very much as a basis for the solo melodies. He has a very emotional way of playing his violin which sounds a bit like the style of violin playing to be heard in the music of the Balanescu Quartet. As a young kid Eddie Solomon was mesmerized by the beautiful touching sound of the violin. Particularly “The Lark Ascending” composed by Ralph Vaughan Williams made him want to play this beautiful elegant instrument. Because of extensive listening to violin music, he had an acute sense of how he wanted it to sound like.
Next to this Eddie Solomon is part of the progressive popband Baby Noises (babynoises.bandcamp.com) in which he also sings and play the violin and guitar. He has been making music for almost whole his life.
Because of the great range of musical influences it’s hard to put a label on his music. Let’s say melancholic philosophic misanthropic folk or soulmusic. He sings in Dutch (his native language) as well as English.
At the moment he’s busy recording a set of eleven songs, putting them on his bandcamp page (eddiesolomon.bandcamp.com). These eleven songs will eventually form his first album. Also he’s scanning for venues that want to program his unique style of music, which is out of the mainstream. So far he has had a couple of live performances, his latest at the Theaterzaal of Poppodium Gigant. Next to this he’s constantly busy writing new song lyrics (poems) and new compositions. So keep a close watch on him!


Last Drop

Down There

Changing Places


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Eddie Solomon, Akoestisch, Rock, Singer-songwriter soloartist

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Gigstarter over Eddie Solomon

Eddie Solomon is een solo-artiest uit Apeldoorn. Eddie Solomon maakt vooral muziek in de genres Akoestisch, Rock & Singer-songwriter. Eddie Solomon heeft sinds de inschrijving op 11/11/2019 in totaal 1 geverifieerde boeking via Gigstarter binnengehaald.

De muziek van Eddie Solomon klinkt als: Jeff Buckley, The Doors, Balanescu Quartet, Lou Reed. Het repertoire van Eddie Solomon bestaat uit covers en eigen werk.

Eddie Solomon hanteert een richtprijs van €75 - €999 voor live optredens. Houd er rekening mee dat geluidsapparatuur, reisafstand en speelduur van invloed zullen zijn op de uiteindelijke gage maar schroom niet om het gesprek aan te gaan.