Saskia Laroo Band, Jazz, Dance, Funk band

Saskia Laroo Band w JOSEPH 'MR DEFUNKT' BOWIE @ Opoe's House of Music

Saskia Laroo Band

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29/11/2015 21:00

The Saskia Laroo Band
features a multi-national cast of musicians, playing original compositions from her albums. Their music is a combination of jazz, pop, world and dance music, consisting of stylesdriving rhythms, powerful rap, and intense solos; an improvised mix of today ‘s electric and acoustic groove music with respect to tradition.

Joseph Bowie,
the youngest member of the Bowie musician family, began is career in St. Louis, Missouri where he was born in 1953 and raised by his father William Lester Bowie, Sr. & mother Earxie L. Bowie. Joseph’s father was a music teacher and he was greatly influenced by his older brothers Byron (saxophonist & arranger) and older brother Lester, internationally acclaimed jazz trumpeter.
In 2003, Joseph moved residence to Holland where he is developing new musical relationships throughout the EU and the world.

Opoe's House of Music / Odeon - Dommelzaal
Blijmarkt 25

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