The Pool Of Tears, Rock, Alternatief, Psychedelic band

Dancing Darkness And Bats In The Vrankrijk

The Pool Of Tears

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21/08/2018 100

Bats come out and play!! Yes its on a Tuesday, but how could you miss this?!

Horror Vacui + Lifeless Past + 1 more tbc

Horror Vacui [Bologna, Italy]
"Goth Rock, Death Rock, Post Punk. We call it Vampire Punk because we are punk rockers with a d.i.y. attitude that simply play whatever called "dark" music."

If you haven't heard them, check it out!! Awesome dark, catchy bat-tunes played by punx! Very excited to have them on the Vrankrijk stage!!

Lifeless Past [Den Haag]
"...Music inspired by the 80's postpunk and deathrock movement"

Super stoked to invite these back to the Vrankrijk!!

The Pool Of Tears [Almere]
Cold Wave
A solo-project band inspired by new wave, coldwave music.

DJ D011

More details to come!! Save the date and get ready for a night of post punk, deathrock, new wave inspired darkness as we dance the night away!

5 Euro
Spuistraat 216

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