This is my Happy Face

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This is my Happy Face, Hard Rock, Punk, Metal band

Started as a power trio this is my happy face evolved. Winning the Grote prijs van Twente in 2016 was a good start, but now it’s time for the next step.
“We don’t just love making music, we also love to be loved. Because with a voice and a crowd you can make a difference.”
In 2012 Thomas Arendsman (Lead vocals, Guitar), Dion Hoogmoed (Bass, Backing vocals) and Robin van Leijen (Lead vocals, Drums) started to be a loud band inspired by bands like Red fang, Frank Carter And the rattle snakes, Alkaline trio, The Bronx And The Living end. Now with Bengt van der Veen (Lead Guitar, Backing vocals) This is my happy face is set out to conquer the stage.
The members all had their side projects like Wreckyard, Solace within, Captain! Your ship is sinking, One page, Roadkill 55, The daydream fit and Shock the Devil. They’ve been On the stage forever and it’s like a second home to them. Shows with Ignite, Death by Stereo, de Heideroosjes and many more have taken place and all those influences can be heard on their new record.
“Electric love” will be released March 2018 a new EP with 4 power tracks and 20 minutes of eargasms in your “happy” face.


Caffeine Dreams


Give it Up


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This is my Happy Face, Hard Rock, Punk, Metal band

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This is my Happy Face is een band uit Enschede/Borculo. This is my Happy Face speelt muziek in de genres Hard Rock, Punk & Metal. This is my Happy Face heeft sinds de inschrijving op 17/03/2018 in totaal 0 geverifieerde boekingen via Gigstarter binnengehaald.

De muziek van This is my Happy Face klinkt als: TIMHF. Het repertoire van This is my Happy Face bestaat uit alleen eigen werk.

This is my Happy Face hanteert een richtprijs van €150 - €500 voor live optredens. Houd er rekening mee dat geluidsapparatuur, reisafstand en speelduur van invloed zullen zijn op de uiteindelijke gage maar schroom niet om het gesprek aan te gaan.