Carly E

  • Soloartiest   /   Amsterdam
  • #Singer-songwriter #Folk #Pop
  • Klinkt als Björk, Esperanza Spalding, Lily Allen
  • 4 geverifieerde boekingen

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Carly E, Singer-songwriter, Folk, Pop soloartist

Carly E (Carlijn van Wijk, 1989) played cello and sang from the time she was 5 years old. Between the ages of 12 and 18, she toured Europe and China with the Youth Orchestra of The Netherlands. In 2012, she moved to London before moving again a year and a half later to Argentina, where she stayed until 2016. Far away from home she discovered her own music. She became a singer-songwriter and solo artist, accompanying herself on a cello, also with loop pedal. In 2016 she released her first EP “Blue Funny You”, recorded in Buenos Aires. Back in the Netherlands, she attracted attention during TEDx. Carly E founded her band in 2017 with guitarist Richie Rich, drummer Efraim Schulz- Wackerbarth and double bass player Annick Odom.

Their analog recorded debut album “Timeless Thoughts” was released on a 12 inch vinyl on June 15th, 2018 in the sold out venue ‘Cinetol’. She started off the year 2019 with playing her solo performance in major venues like the ‘DeLaMar Theater’, the ‘Amstelkerk’, ‘Werkspoorkathedraal’, she plays in other well-known venues like De Roode Bioscoop (Amsterdam), De Helling (Utrecht) and on various international festivals like the Red Light Jazz festival (closing act) and Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. Carly E’s cello idol is Yo-Yo Ma, and she loves the old jazz and soul ladies like Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone. Her big example is Andrew Bird. This combination makes her music a mix of jazz and pop with an intuitive poetic groove.C

Carly E just released her second solo EP “Day Dreams” (20-03-2020). She experiments with a new sound with producer Joram Kroon by combining the cello sound with subtle and original world beats. She started off this year in the famous club De Helling (Utrecht) where she had her first live performance with cello and drum computer which was very well received.


Next to her solo or band performances she is regularly performing in theaters with her own show. She started off with the show ‘From classical cellist to artist with cello’ in the Cultuurkoepel of Heiloo and she was invited to the Garage concert in Amsterdam (2018). After that she performed her show ‘No Cello Clásico’ in the Tapas Theater in Amsterdam and Plein Theater (2019). Also she was invited to play during a special night in the famous DeLaMar Theater (2019). During her full length evening show she tells funny anecdotes about the stories behind her songs. She was conquering the stage during the famous Fringe festival 2019 in Edinburgh with her third show ‘It’s That Simple’.

“Carly E is an energetic young woman with a cello who took the breath away of our audience during her performance on the TEDxHilversum. She is best described in 3 words: driven, forceful and honest. During her performance she took us on a world tour with her super original and strong voice. She completely conquered the stage of the ‘Theater Gooiland’ in Hilversum.”

Mie Dries (Head producer TedX Hilversum) 07/12/2016 – TedX Hilversum – The Art of Engagement
“It was a treat to have Carly E a whole month in the house, because Carlijn is such a nice and talented person. All visitors who saw her performance in TapasTheater were enthusiastic! She surprised lovers of classical music with the versatility of her cello and pop music lovers were impressed by how a classical instrument can create such fine pop and jazz songs. Carlijn gave the songs context by telling where and why she wrote them. These hilarious and recognizable stories together with her comic timing gave the performance an extra theatrical touch. Worth repeating.”

01/03/2019 Tessa Harmsen – Tapas Theater
“It was a pleasure to have you. You’re very talented and have a great band as well. Good luck with the album and hope to see you playing again in the future. Let me know if you’d like to play at the Winston again.”

12/10/2018 Vincent – Booker of Winston Kingdom Amsterdam
“The cello glories in the hands of Carly E A beautiful and intriguing performance.”

22/07/2018 Richard Wagenaar –



Today I Choose You



Door op 06/06/2017

Carly E. liet het publiek verrast achter tijdens Red Light Jazz Festival. We nodigden haar uit als één van de New Jazz Talents 2017. Haar muziek is experimenteel en heeft cabareteske trekjes. Geen klassieke jazz, maar wel muziek die klaarblijkelijk in de smaak viel bij het jazz publiek!

Door op 01/02/2017

Carly heeft de opening verzorgd van de 18e kunstdagen , fantastisch, bijzonder mooi en een geweldige zang!
We zien en horen haar graag weer, dat zegt genoeg.

Door op 17/10/2016

Een unieke act. Met haar originele geluid op de elektrische cello en solo performance maakte Carly E. indruk tijdens het Gigstarter café. Het profiel is een goede weergave van het artiest!


Carly E, Singer-songwriter, Folk, Pop soloartist

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Gigstarter over Carly E

Carly E is een solo-artiest uit Amsterdam. Carly E maakt vooral muziek in de genres Singer-songwriter, Folk & Pop. Carly E heeft sinds de inschrijving op 17/01/2016 in totaal 4 geverifieerde boekingen via Gigstarter binnengehaald.

De muziek van Carly E klinkt als: Björk, Esperanza Spalding, Lily Allen. Het repertoire van Carly E bestaat uit alleen eigen werk.

De optredens worden goed ontvangen: Carly E krijgt 4.4 uit 5 sterren op basis van 4 reviews.

Carly E hanteert een richtprijs van €350 - €500 voor live optredens. Houd er rekening mee dat geluidsapparatuur, reisafstand en speelduur van invloed zullen zijn op de uiteindelijke gage maar schroom niet om het gesprek aan te gaan.