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B4VOS, Hardstyle dj

Bart van Os also known as BAVOS (B4VOS)

Bavos started running in early 2009 after attending a celebration of the famous events organization Q-Dance.
He bought his own turntables and started experimenting, that choice was one of the best so far ! He began to turn on some party's with different organizations and made a name for him self. B4VOS is now a familiar name throughout the Netherlands with particularly in the west & south of the country.
B4VOS recently began producing tracks that are now for sale in stores such as I-TUNES© and SPOTIFY©. His tracks are gladly heard by all ages and sold with lot's of interest. We are currently working on a series of small party's and events.
Also by the general public (Discos, party centers) he can be heard and engaged in advertising, promotional actions so that his music as its objective also will reach the general public. His incredible beats and bass can be enjoyed by who ever want's to feel the hard and raw style from the one and only B4VOS.
With his experience he is the mentor for the young and beginning talents from B-Jam Agency. His creations and knowledge in the scene is well respected by known and unknown artists. Raw is the right and only way to describe this beast behind the wheels of platinum steel !


Click Clack

Ready 4 War


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B4VOS, Hardstyle dj

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Gigstarter over B4VOS

B4VOS is een DJ uit Enschede. B4VOS draait muziek in de stijlen Hardstyle. B4VOS heeft sinds de inschrijving op 11/11/2017 in totaal 0 geverifieerde boekingen via Gigstarter binnengehaald.

De muziek van B4VOS klinkt als: Bavos. Het repertoire van B4VOS bestaat uit covers en eigen werk.

B4VOS hanteert een richtprijs van €0 - €200 voor live optredens. Houd er rekening mee dat geluidsapparatuur, reisafstand en speelduur van invloed zullen zijn op de uiteindelijke gage maar schroom niet om het gesprek aan te gaan.